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--Let's Join US-

Recruitment of new members

You are the next samurai!

Eligibility to join

1st to 6th grade of elementary school

* Preschoolers who are planning to enter elementary school next year can also participate.

Both in and out of Shibuya Ward are OK.

Sasazuka Elementary School, Nakahata Elementary School, Nishihara Elementary School, Minamidai Elementary School, Minami Elementary School, Shimokitazawa Elementary School, Ikenoue Elementary School, Honan Elementary School, etc. Let's do it.

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Let's start with the experience!

Team activities are held every Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays at Sasazuka Elementary School, Nakahata Elementary School, Oyama Park, etc., and you can visit and experience them at that time. Please feel free to contact us as we are accepting at any time. *We also plan to have a hands-on experience every season.

  1. Please apply using the "Visit / Experience Application Form" at the bottom of this page.

  2. We will reply to you with the detailed location and time, so please feel free to join us if it is convenient for you.

  3. Please check the atmosphere of the actual team and the feelings of your child through the tour and experience, and join the club if you like. You can visit and experience as many times as you like.

Let's play baseball with the Shibuya Red Sox!

Shibuya Red Sox is a youth baseball team centered around Sasazuka, Hatagaya, and Nishihara districts in Shibuya Ward.
​ We are always looking for new members. Have the best experience with the best friends!

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Q.Is there anything I need to bring to participate in the experience?

A.Please wear clothes and shoes that are easy to exercise in and bring a water bottle.
We have prepared a set of baseball equipment, so you don't have to bring anything, but if you have your own gloves, please bring them.

Q.I have no experience playing catch, is that okay?

A.We will carefully guide you according to the child's level, so there is no problem even if you are a beginner. There is a coach dedicated to the lower grades.

Q.Please tell us the usual practice day and time of the team.

A.We are active every Saturday, Sunday, and on public holidays when school is closed. Practice time varies depending on the availability of the ground, but it is often 2-3 hours for lower grades and about half a day for upper grades.

Q.Where does the team work?

A. We are mainly active at Shibuya Municipal Sasazuka Elementary School, Shibuya Municipal Nakahata Elementary School, Shibuya Municipal Oyama Park Baseball Stadium, Yoyogi Fukamachi Small Park, Futako Tamagawa Citizens Athletic Facility (Shibuya Municipal) Baseball Stadium, and Tokyo Metropolitan Sports Ground. We sometimes travel to play practice games with teams outside the ward. During the expedition, we gather around Sasazuka and move.

Q. I have an image that it is difficult for parents to help and take turns. . .

A.Our team does not force parents to take turns.Those who can and those who can do it are doing what they can do as volunteers within a reasonable range. Please be assured that parents' attendance at practices and games is completely voluntary, and the atmosphere does not make them feel guilty just because they do not participate.
However, seeing children working hard and growing is a precious thing that can only be seen at this time, so if you have time, I hope you can visit the ground.

Q. Please tell me the elementary school of the enrolled club members.
​A.Sasazuka Elementary School, Nakahata Elementary School, and Nishihara Elementary School are adjacent to Setagaya Ward and Nakano Ward. Elementary school, Minami elementary school members are enrolled. We also have members from private elementary schools. They soon become friends beyond school and blend in.

Q.How much does it cost?

A.The membership fee is 3,500 yen/month. A separate sports insurance fee of 800 yen / year is required. At Shibuya Red Sox for parents who are worried about their childrenFree rental of uniform and set of baseball equipment within the year for new 1st to 4th year students when joining the team Free rental of uniform and set of baseball equipment within the year for new 5th and 6th gradersWe have set up a system, so you can feel free to participate.

Q.Can girls participate?

A. Female club members are welcome. As of January 2023, our team has 6 female members.

Q.Is it okay if I attend other classes or cram schools?
A.No problem. Currently, there are many children who have tried to balance other sports (soccer, gymnastics, etc.) and junior high school entrance exams, including members of the register and OB / OG. Baseball is positioned as home life and school life.

Q.At what age do most people join the team?
A.Various. Some children start in the 1th grade and join the new 6th grade. In 2021, there were 9 new members in the 1st grade, 2 in the 2nd grade, 2 in the 3rd grade, 2 in the 5th grade, and 1 in the 6th grade.



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